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Signature Series

Immerse yourself in the Circle of Love Signature Series, a collection of flagship IPS spread across diverse venues. Each event is a pinnacle showcase, uniting hearts through extraordinary performances across various locations, genres, and exceptional talents.

COL Festival 2023
COL Festival Logo 2023

Circle of Love Festival is a flagship project that stands as a testament to our passion for music and community. This annual event brings together music lovers, artists, and industry professionals in a celebration of the independent music scene. With headline acts from various genres and a showcase of the next generation of indie musicians, the festival transcends boundaries and embraces diverse sounds and expressions.

Centre Stage Logo

Centre Stage, our exclusive live performance series featuring standout artists from across India. This fully in-house produced series brings you extraordinary performances from Indie artists across India. Season 1 premiered in October  2020 and showcased the exceptional talents of Easy Wanderlings, Mali, Jbabe, Profanyty, Stevie, and Henny. Shot at various locations around Chennai during the lockdown, each episode was streamed weekly on Circle of Love's social media platforms.

Centrestage season 1
Radar Logo

Circle of Love's dynamic club night series dedicated to showcasing independent alternative artistry. Get ready to dive into a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and explores a range of genres, from Drum n Bass and Breaks to leftfield House and beyond. RADAR  brings together musicians, DJs, and performers who are pushing the boundaries of their craft. With carefully curated lineups and immersive production, each RADAR event is a celebration of artistic expression and alternative culture.

Block Party Logo

The COL Block Party is a celebration of music, culture, and the unbreakable spirit of the community. The first edition of COL Block Party was a multi-venue extravaganza headlined by Singapore rapper Yung Raja. By embracing the local talent and showcasing their artistry, we aim to foster a sense of pride and unity within our community. The Block Party serves as a catalyst for the growth and recognition of our city's artists, providing them with a significant platform to amplify their voices and showcase their talent on a larger scale.

Yung Raja
Open Mic

The Circle of Love Open Mic Night provides a platform for artists to express themselves freely, showcase their talent, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. We believe in fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, encouraging artists to explore their unique styles and ideas. Our Open Mic Night takes place regularly on our Instagram platform, allowing artists from around the world to share their creative expressions. Hosted by renowned artists such as JBABE, Aswekeepsearching, Nina Vasu, Pratika (Easy Wanderlings), and many more, these online sessions have become a dynamic hub for fostering connection and discovering new voices.


All About House, a project by Circle of Love that pays homage to the timeless genres of house and disco. Capturing the energy and excitement of throwback disco dancing and the soulful sounds of house music as we celebrate the rich heritage and evolution of these genres. From classic anthems to fresh and innovative interpretations, All About House brings together a diverse range of talent that keeps the dancefloor alive

Carly Foxx
Halloween Carnival

A SPOOKTACULAR CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC. An extraordinary project by Circle of Love that goes beyond the typical Halloween festivities. We have reimagined the concept of Halloween by infusing it with the captivating sounds of independent musicians. 

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